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Rainbow Line

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Videos With 'Bigfoot-Sasquatch' Encounters

Old photograph of a real Sasquatch/bigfoot standing by tree Old photograph of a real Sasquatch/bigfoot running away

Directly above are alleged photographs of two Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Note, like other creatures in the wild, they are not overly heavy, but slimish, although muscular.

See 5,000 year-old tale of a Sasquatch and the King of Uruk.

Sasquatch living here in the Sierras of Northern California.

Directly above is a late 1970s or early 1980s actual photograph taken of an old white-haired Bigfoot, or possible giant's descendant, after being captured near the Great Lakes area USA after having killed a man.

Petrified footprints found on a granite-rock cliff in Africa above left, and America on right. Are these giant human footprints, as ordinarily supposed, or possible archaic Sasquatch/Bigfoot footprints instead? The super-sized footprints are not those of primates, but of humans.

Is it possible that the ancient giants and Sasquatch/Bigfoot were actually one and the same? Certain Native Americans claim to have lived next to tribes of Bigfoot. The ancient Achaean Greeks also claimed to have lived next to tribes of annoying giants in the UK, the Basques claimed the exact same. Oddly, both the Paiute Indians (Chinese) of North America, and the archaic Achaean Greeks of very ancient UK claimed to have smothered the last of the giants in a cave by setting fires at the mouth of the caves.

Were ancient giants and Sasquatch just overly hairy? Actual close-up Sasquatch/Bigfoot witnesses state Sasquatch are not furry, but very hairy. Both the O.T. and the Legend of Gilgamesh stated that Esau, Jacob's older brother, and Enkidu, the forest giant (Anunaki-Anu/Ainu meant covered in hair; aka meant female, naka meant male and groups; naki meant disgusting.) had extremely thick hair on their bodies. The O.T. story stated Esau would forever live in the green places, whereas, Enkidu had left his green forest and became the right-hand man and best Buddy of King Gilgamesh of Uruk, who was even taller than Enkidu.

The photo below was caught on a trail-cam and might be the back of a Sasquatch?

Image of a bigfoot back

Drawing of a bigfoot sitting on a log

Image of a bigfoot running

Above is an old 19th century painting of a 'Forest-Man/BigFoot'.

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