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~  Hyperborea  ~

The Archaic Home of the Surviving First Peoples.

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Seven Sisters First things... Where was Hyper-Borea; that is, 'Upper-Borea?' Hyper means 'Higher/Upper,' and according to the ancient Greeks who were their progeny, Boreas was the North Wind. The image at left is the north wind personified as a god in the human form of Boreas. The pictograph also explains who the seven headed person is...

They claimed Hyper-Borea was on the other side of the north wind, beyond Thrace (Macadonia). They said Hyperborea had no sunlight for six months each year, and the other six months of the year only sunlight without darkness. They also claimed the weather was very pleasant and nice nice, and Hyperborea was a very happy place to live. Boreas, the North Wind Where would your senses take you from this discription? And what does the word 'Borea?' actually mean? We will begin entering into this region.....Working on it.

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