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Geoglyphs of Humans - Animals - Fish ..

Mars was once covered in shallow seas and wetlands which have since sunk deep into the ground. But who, created the geoglyphs of animals, dolphins, whales and humans on its' surface, so enormous they can still be seen from high above. They appear to have once been landmarks with a special meaning or purpose for those coming in from above such as spacecraft pilots.

Ishtar & Lion

Lioness Head

Inanna-Ishtar - so called "Queen of Heaven" etched on surface.

Above left is side View of Mar'chuasi Mountain Acropolis Face Peru. On right is side view of Mars' face.
Below is top view of Mars and Iran's acropolis faces.

Original Mars' Acropolis Face


Iran's Ancient Acropolis Face

The video above claims to see a geoglyph of a man's fat-cheeked face formed on a once mud bluff. The figure appears to have an object or jug on his shoulder? Another person next to him seems to have been covered over with mud. All appear to have since hardened into stone.


Young Child's Face

On left is whale with ribbed tube below, on right is Dolphin with Ball on nose (Crater)



Round Face

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