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Metal petrified into stone Metal petrified into stone

Recent investigations have revealed that the 'Baltic anomaly' was not a UFO, but allegedly an archaic paleolithic monument created by advanced people many thousands of years ago. According to X Team Diver Lindberg, the second object was a bit smaller but he was anxious to investigate it.

Since then it's been claimed that the U.S. Government removed the huge monument from it's sea bed, and all that's left is the circle of rocks which had previously been stated by Diving Team X to have already been near the anomaly when it was first discovered. According to International Law, no one can remove any object, except the country from which the object originated. In very archaic times all the land belonged to Russia/Balkans (meaning volcanos).

Metal petrified into stone Also recent multitudinous scientific investigations had found an unknown source of multi-isotope fingerprints of nuclear reactor radio-nuclitides in the Baltic sea, and after many years of testing every possible link and suspect, traced it northerly directly to the middle of the Baltic. They claimed it was somewhere in or near Studsvik Sweden, but have not in any way been able to prove it.

Could a many thousand year-old dead reactor still be churning out 236/U while sitting drowned at the bottom of the sea? Many people were afraid the anomaly might be a Nazi nuclear mechanism. On the map, the red triangle is where they suspect the unknown, and unfound secret reactor is. The Green star is the anomalous structure's location. Near, but not too close to the anomaly.

Purhaps it was only the smaller anomaly that might have been removed? Team X recently stated they weren't too interested in investigating it anymore.

Nowadays salvage pirates loot and haul away not only large pieces and parts, but whole ships weighing thousands of tons from several hundreds of feet below the sea without anyone being the wiser. They first research and scout out the places with their mini subs, AUVs, sonar, side scaners, ROVs, et al. They then cone quietly with super cranes along with very strong commercial magnets, or the giant baloon floats and silenty in the dead of night it all onto extra large, prefigured barges and secret all quietly away, never more to be seen or found. If not done by an interested government, then parted out by some company who is getting very wealthy commercially.

At Top left is the monument as it was originally photographed before artist's renderings. On the top right is the circle of rocks which is now claimed that that was all the anomaly was; which was actually close to where the anomaly resided for perhaps many thousands of years. Migrating people remembered it, others heard of it, and some may have made pilgrimages while they created curious mythologies of the 'temple' at Hyperborea along with mystical Apollo sun-god personification, and of Poseidon, Neptune and Shiva, along with the two mysterious energy objects before they were finally covered by the rising seas of glacial melt and forgotten.

Metal petrified into stone

It is now claimed to have been an ancient paleolithic monument? Could it have been a special gravesite, or mausoleum? The diameter is 196 feet across and the platform 26 feet high. The rounded edges curve up and in underneath like a mushroom, and insulated walls are nine feet thick. What was the reason for insulation to be nine feet thick? It has three man-made stone walls, part is shown below.

Was it a glacial shelter with heating? Has it other rooms or sections? Or was it some kind of an energy station--an ancient hydro-electro-power source--a wireless electric station? It appears to be very ancient, yet with high metal technology. Possibly later through migrations became the mythological fount of Poseidon/Neptune/Shiva, which instead of spouting water through it's top, has water running over and down it's top-part drainage groove instead.

There are two holes, one small entry/exit hole, 25 centimeters wide, below on the side, and a larger entry/exit hole on top which has a large egg-shaped object that rolls into, and out to open and close the opening. There was no cover over the smaller opening.

Both of the structures have three surounding stone walls; one in front and one on each side. Were the channels used to divert overflow water from the river, which could then flow down into a possible lake on the other side of the cut-through hill? The channel, or track has a deep errosion gulley.

The divers also discovered the monument had a force that allegedly stopped the workings of electrical devices that came within 200 meters of it. They claim that when moving out of this range the electrical devices began working again? They also believe it to be a relic from a pre glacial, paleolithic era and is about 140,000 years old?

The second object, the now 'broken-up-looking' hydra/naga serpent-shape nearby may once have been a related and connected hydra-coil, a part of a possible 'hydra-electric' or Tesla-coil type power plant, which people unknowingly link to Poseidon, Shiva, and Neptune's tuning (pitch) rod/fork. There is also an eroded channel or track leading from it to the larger structure.

Baltic Sea Nnomaly Baltic Sea Nnomaly

Baltic Sea Nnomaly Drawing of Gobekli Tepe

Why does Gobekli Tepe slightly resemble the Baltic Sea Anomaly?

Scientists studying pieces of the underwater structure's exterior found they were made of limonite, a mixed aggregate of iron oxides with geothite, a hydroxide often called bog mud, a thick pliable substance, which in the ancient bronze age was used as paint pigments for cave blow-gun handprints, figures and paintings in France, Spain and all over the world where the Hyperboreans/Hiberians traveled. It is found in a lake in Sweden, also in marshes and meadows, and is often washed down from mining activities. Limonite has a very strong magnetic field because of the iron, which may be why some electrical devices were disrupted when near the structure.

The exterior of the structure is several inches thick and has a rough cement-like appearance. If touched on it's surface, the area turns black. It consists of different aggregates of iron oxides, some mentioned above, and also some organic compounds. Yellow and red ochre were just a couple of the pigments used for ancient painting, and still used today. The structure was painted in this iron-ore 'bog mud' as a protective shield, and was probably the 'pitch' plastered on the ark in the story of Noah and the flood. Could the bare roots of Oanes'/Noah's ancient flood tale have originated from this round, arced object? Also Poseidon's/Neptune's 'pitch' fork? The legend of the Atlanteans describes them plastering the walls of the Atlantis marina with orichalc, which is a copper ore and would appear greenish-aqua.

It appears the anomalous structure was painted/plastered completely over and under with this thick iron aggregate 'pitch.' No rust is mentioned having been found on it. Red ochre was considered sacred, being considered the 'blood' of Mother Earth, and was used in burials, and bodily paint worn by women and on their painted shaman figures in Egypt, and figures in Santorini. Limonite is a yellowish, brownish and blackish. Because painted with limonite/red ochre, the very pale Hyperborean/Hiberean Celts were called 'Red Men' in north America.

The structure also has stone fire pits on top which much later may have been used as cook ovens because of the marshy, damp ground, or lights for coming visitors? The old circle of stones was probably once used around the base of a large movable tent or yurt. A deeply eroded track, road, or canal for water to flow down into a possible lake around or on the other side of the cut-through hill runs down behind the structure. The hill or island is shown in bright colors on images below and has what appears to be a sand-covered structure on top and stairs coming down along one side.

Side of Object next to wall on it's right side

Object facing forward with right side next to wall.

Object shown on it's left, from top with right side next to wall.

The images above show the man-made stone wall where the object sits tipped downward toward the deeply eroded channel or tracks behind it. The second, small object, not shown here, also haa a channel and three, now crumbling man-built stone walls surrounding it's front and two sides. There is a man-made pyramid design on the rock wall on the left of the largest object which tips downward in the back.

skycraft put 
into religious art. The third, last photo on the bottom above, shows another side view of the structure from it's left, with the stone wall behind it's right side. The object is shown from above from it's left. The water is dark and murky. Below is an illustration of the structure's size.

Celt, archaic 
Greek. Sumerians wrote the earth was two thirds white (snow and ice) and one third dark in the middle--the equatorial region (very wet and dark green during glaciated eras). Sumarians had space craft with which to look down upon the entire planet, this also included the Babylonians, Hindis, other Celts, etc., who also had spacecraft.

Painting with ancient Celtic UFO in it.

Survey of monument's site.

Metal petrified into stone Metal petrified into stone
Metal petrified into stone Metal petrified into stone

Other world-wide, archaic land monuments show giant staircase waterfall formations and drainiage grooves. If the anomaly were a monument, the two mounds shown with the ditch/canal running between them are possible burial sights. There is a very large staircase running-up the south side of the mound, red arrow. Although it does not show-up well in the image. The jnside of a possible wireless electrical station would have held metal coils and other electro-magnetic-type devices.

Metal petrified metal fountain stone Metal petrified metal fountain stone Metal petrified metal fountain stone

Metal petrified metal fountain stone Metal petrified metal fountain stone Metal petrified metal fountain stone Metal petrified metal fountain stone

Above shows the second object in green. When put back together it could appear as Shiva's Hydra/naga serpent throne, or Neptune or Poseidon's shell throne, although it now appears to be just a broken-up structure? Below it from left to right is the Hyperborean 'Golden Woman' Hydra, the original Shiva. All are female with the seven sisters' serpent heads.

The long hydra-serpent heads denote the Hyperboreans/Hyberians.' The seven headed serpent/hydra identifies the Celts by the Celtic cross, and the tree on it's left which literally means Basque. Also note the Runes on it's right side. The Celts were awesome travelers colonizers and their Hydra insignia is found all over the world where they founded ancient civilizations. The hydra was portrayed as features of different gods by later mixed generations and peoples not understaanding what, and who it really stood for.

Below is a rendition of the two proximal anaomalies--the second being the flatter of the two. It is suggested that the second anomaly might be a layer to fit upon the larger, assuming it was a bunker, and it fit like a jigsaw puzzle. It would have left spaces between the two layers, making the alleyway groves with a higher space. But considering the larger is 200 feet wide and 26 feet high, and stationed on a pedestal and stone wall 26 to 27 feet high also, some 300 feet below the Baltic sea. One wonders when, and how it was built or put under the sea? it seems more likely to have been put there when the sea was only a river and the wall was built on dry ground. The circle of rocks shows that at some time later people with a large yurt of some sort camped near it with the rocks around the bottom of the yurt--all on dry ground. Also the two bon fire pits on top of the anomaly tell a similar scene.

Two parts to the Anomaly?

Carved stone of 
shiva Lingam

Above is an ingraving in stone of the 'shivalingam' from India. It is a little more detailed and shows it more in an original flat form.

Metal petrified into stoneMetal petrified into stone

At left is an Egyptian ankh shown as a Hydra/Tesla coil. On right is a depiction of 'lingams.' They are always represented as serpents as is the chi/shi that brings the cosmic electric energy down through the brain and nervous system through the spine. The smaller structure would have shown a possible seven-headed serpent representing seven sisters, or transmission systems/stems ('sis stems').

The large structure sits on a 26 foot high stone tower as wide as the disc structure. Could the electric flow from possible transformers coming-up through the lingam/filament send to the other object? Where would the relay centers be from there? Were these objects actually hydra-electric frequency generators and transmitters?

In Egypt as shown on left, only two pronged forks were used. Here a two pronged fork is shown as serpent lingam running down the center of the ankh which means 'life force,' and is shown used upside down.

The large finger shapes on site two become a serpent hydra in mythology--electrical energy transmitters similar to a Tesla/Hydra coil with a wireless electricity flow? Could the original two structures attract or create an electrical field or flow causing lightning as Thor's thunder hammer, Shiva's drum, Poseidon's trident?

In the image shown below, the filament, or 'Neptune's rod/fork,' also represented by a serpent, 'chi/shi' inside the glass tube is the 'lingam' which allegedly carries the electric-force of the universe.

ancient electric light bulbancient electric light bulb

Teacher of Electricity

Above is an Egyptian pictograph illustrating the apparatus used for the conduction of electrical frequencies, and to whom--the codified illustrations depict. They show it to be the Hyperboreans--the deer, tree, and 'swan/mother-goose' people, whom founded the original Egyptian civilization, then later founded Greece. The relief also shows from whom the knowledge of the electrical energy derived, which shows the instructor to be a little grey person. Sci-fi fiction? Or Fact?

The Katha Laws of the Babylonians, state, "Flight is our legacy and was given to us from 'on High' to help others."

A little more info from TeamX.

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