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Rainbow Line

~ Under-Sea Japan & Orient ~

Structures - Objects

Under-Sea 'Phantom'?

Side View of Phantom below
Note graven feathered headdress on side view
Does 'Phantom' represent Lion, Turtle, or Sun God/Goddess?

The Turtle Sea-People lived here
and made geometric stone turtle imagery.


Undersea stairs to where?

Under-Sea Ziggurat - Yonaguni Japan

Compare with Machu Piccu Ziggurat below.

Terraced Walls Of Under-Sea Ziggurat

Steps To Under-Sea Zigguret above.

Compare Peru's Stairway of the Sun

Japan Under-Sea 1

Japan Under-Sea 2

Japan's Monument

Fallen Stairway

Yonaguni's UnderSea 'Giants' Megalith

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