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The above photos of a UFO were taken by astronauts as it swung by the Int.Space Station.

UFO appearances over Turkey in above video. Little Grey-guys can clearly be seen piloting the same-type craft as shown in above photo swooping by the Int. Space Station. Back to Starflight

The first two videos below are from old worn-out, allegedly smuggled short clips of an allegedly surviving crashed extraterrestrial Being in 1942 shown actively participating in the videos. Although the original video provider, Ivan0135 called this extraterrestrial Being 'Skinny Bob', one can see 'he' is anatomically a female. Also note her extremely long arms and three fingers along with long thumbs reaching down below her knees as she stands and walks.

The photo above left, is 'Skinny Bob', the female extraterrestrial. In the center is her handprint which shows many of the natural lines on her palms and fingers as well as her fingernails. On right is a rendition of another, but similar-type extraterrestrial Being without her dark sight-lenses, but also from a branch of the human tree.

This is a real photograph of people back in the 1930s, with whom, they thought was a little space alien. Note the little man's smooth spacey boots and long skinny arms. The "big" people are not making a joke.

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