Medicine Suns

ancient hand art by Jornada-Molgollon 

in New Mexico

<-- At Left, Sun shown in USA hand with fiery rays/solar flares as fingers - also "Chi" of Space or energy of Universe. Druid Snake at its right is also depicted as a dragon in different world art.

At Right --> Druid stone has Sun circles and serpent. Stone is with others in Aberlemno Scotland. Druids were Celts, ancient Greeks, Etruscans, Picts, and other names.

Serpent Stone Scotland
sun sign Three Rivers New Mexico

At left, is Pictish/Druid sun sign at Three Rivers, New Mexico - created by the Jornada Molgollon

At Right, --> Picts shown with tatoos. Man holds shield with same UK Sun design as New Mexico rock. Painting is in error. Only men went without shirts in hot weather. Women wore clothes. Their tatoos were also drawn on their hands and wrists as well as shoulder and arm areas. Tatoos originated in the Caucasus and Sagros Mountains. Pictish mariners were well known for tatoos and tatooing.

ancient picts

from Norway

Celtic Sun Wheel in Norway.

from New Mexico

Celtic Sun Wheel in New Mexico.

Celtic Cross/Sun Wheel

Celtic Sun Wheel in south- west USA.

sunlady kid art

    Sun-Spirit representations:
    Sun-Woman Spirit

sun kachina

    Sun-Spirit representations.
    Kachina-Medicine Person

Chief wearing Sun head-dress.

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