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Rainbow Line

~  Mars Shrubs & Trees  -- (in progress)   ~

Plant Life,  Trees &  Ground  Cover

Photos From ESA, NASA/JPL

At First glance when you view the video below, there appears to be little trees or plants sticking-up out of the sands on what is claimed to be Mars. But when you look at the larger, closer picture, they can appear to be snow-covered banks of earth, or 'plants' appearing like shards of stone or wood protruding up through the snow. They also appear to be in rows and a circular or semi-circular formation (not completely shown). Are these objects just broken and jagged, splintered rock-like protrusions, or could they have once been wooden board walls of old destroyed buildings. There appears to be a beam across one small section, causing it to look like an old fence. Or are they just 'splinters' left in the ground from the trunk of archaic, guargantuan trees that also existed on Earth - or something else? They really don't appear to resemble an 'alien' city - maybe the remnants of a once 'human' city?

Mars UFO

Above photo shows a silvery UFO nestled in a ground-cover above mangrove-like roots on a cliff-side embankment over-looking a creek, lake, or a Martain Landscape. A Look-out? A dwelling? Also note the trail, or stream meandering down the hill on the top right-side. The entire area is a mat of ground covering plants, long grappling branch and root systems with criss-crossing streams. Mars?? This is from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) M1800558. See original image which is movable and expandable.

Below is a larger area coverage of the above photographed area of the silvery UFO, yellow arrow, but now further in distance which shows the entire area to be lushly covered in thick, vine-like folage with streams and water forking off below, with possible rivulets or trails above.

Placer Mining Mars

The below video shows foliage or trees in snow at Mars' south pole. Trees can only survive in snow if dormant during freezing winters, and come out of dormancy in spring and summer warm weather thaws. No trees grow in Earth's Antarctic snows, or grew in the Arctic when it was frozen-over in earlier times.

So why do trees appear at Mars' poles? If these images are really of Mars, it shows that Mars is actually a 'warmish' place, and has warm spring and summer thaws with verdure and trees, as well as cold winters. So from 'where' did the trees and/or shrubs original seeds derive? The video's images are from Google Mars. But are they factual?

The Mars' Rovers' images? Have they ever really been on Mars -- or are hoaxes.

The video below shows a seemingly Martain mega city of buildings, and one wonders if the images are just another ordinary NASA faux pas. Also, if Mars was used only for a mining base after its' supposed destruction? Or, if it had always been used as a mining-base, and just too much trouble to bother terraforming.

Or, perhaps no terraforming was ever needed - reptiles and succulents already in abundance there, plus all those trees and water? And with all those plants there would be bees, bugs and birds as well. All their residues and moistures would make good soil humus.

And how does Mars get all its' snow? If there is snow and trees, there must also be rain. If there is rain there must also be clouds. Where there are clouds there is atmosphere. Where there is atmosphere, there is warmth, cold and condensation, fog and breezes, as well as strong winds and storms -- including 'dust' storms.

Do we ever see clouds on Mars? Or are they possibly chalked-up as 'dust devils'? Images are from NASA's MOC: MarsS0700608m8.

Martian Miner's Smelter City?

Astronomers have known for decades that Mars had snow, water and wet seasons. After camera and film were invented, and in the early 1900s encyclopedias and educational books for children printed photographs and gave details of the photos taken of Mars through astronomers' high-powered telescopes of the seasonal changes of snow, water and glacial run-off.

Mars appears to be wet, humid, and damp in many places. So why the abject denials, and blind-fold by Space Programs, academia, and so-called 'science' in recent years? Clearly Mars is a well-kept secret -- possibly mining of expensive money-making ores and minerals can, and is being done; and may be one major reason why the diversional cover-up, and why recent generations have been completely duped and blinded to the real nature of Mars.

More recently Space Programs have realized they can no longer continue the "no-water" on Mars hoax, so step by step have started "discovering" ice, and alleged briny-water on Mars here and there that supposedly cannot freeze because of its "salt" content -- another hoax? And that Mars is too 'cold' to support life; although they want us to believe they are going to set-up bases and colonize it? More diversional hoaxes not accurately reported or revealed; but used for funding never-ending, "research" programs?

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